Diy overland trailer

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Diy overland trailer

Last Updated on May 16, You could simply buy a standard ground camping tent, upgrade to a rooftop tent RTTpurchase an overland trailer or buy the most luxurious of all — a camper trailer outfitted with all the bells and whistles. The cheapest solution is purchasing a standard tent. You know, the classic tent you set on the ground.

diy overland trailer

Not to mention you have to store the tent and all of the associated gear in or on your 4Runner. However, if you are planning on staying on-road only with slight challenges off-road light forest service roads and want the most comfortable living, a camper trailer will serve you well. Overlanding trailers are awesome!! They can go off-road, offer you a comfortable bed at night, space to store food and also cook food, and so much more.

Some teardrop style trailers will even have air conditioning units. They might be the perfect camping trailer for a 4Runner and other overlanding vehicles; however, they can be quite expensive. How expensive?

D.I.Y. Overland Trailer Part 4 - Final welding, trailer skin, and graphics

No RTT, cooler, fridge, or anything like that… just the structure for you to mount and store all of your equipment. In consideration of this, you can easily add another couple grand to this price. This is crazy. Although these overland trailers are awesome and I think they potentially are the best option available, they were just too expensive for me and seemed a little unpractical honestly.

This is why I focused on an RTT. RTTs are designed to be on the roof of your vehicle typically on a roof rack — pictured above is a GFC RTT and they fold out to the side to create a sleeping area. They typically will have a foam mattress ranging in size from 1. What I like about RTTs is the fact that I can go anywhere I want in my 4Runner and then have a comfortable sleeping shelter I could set up quickly…anywhere.

While this all sounds grand and dandy, an RTT on top of my 4Runner presented its own problems though. It is designed for items such as RTTs, kayaks, SUPS, camping gear, travel cases, skis, and pretty much anything you can secure to the rack while not exceeding the lb dynamic capacity or lb static capacity.

I like to fish from a kayak and SUP, and I usually store these on my roof rack. Of course, I could purchase a small trailer and put my kayaks and SUPs on the trailer, but this presents another issue. This will be a problem for anyone actually — whether you put stuff on your roof rack or not. If you want to take your car somewhere, you have to pack your tent up.

The answer for me was building a DIY RTT overland trailer for a fraction of the cost that a pre-built overland trailer would cost. Once I realized that building a DIY overland trailer was the way to go, I started researching as much as I could, and the build was on.

It was quite a bit of research, hard work, and time though.There are literally hundreds of different options when building your own trailer. From starting with a donor trailer such as a military Mto building a true custom trailer from the ground up.

Our friends over at ExCop Off Road built this custom trailer to serve their needs when exploring the American southwest. The teardrop-inspired design is painted to match the tow vehicle a Toyota FJ Cruiserand it's fully outfitted for plenty of desert adventures! The original developer of the Dinoot Trailer is working on a new project: A DIY fiberglass trailer that's built to original M military trailer size specs.

This looks like it could be a very inexpensive way to get into a fuller size off road trailer without the expense of an all-steel or aluminum model. Will there be any interest in this type of trailer? There are many plusses and few minuses to the idea, and of course it's still in development. Follow the thread on Expedtiion Portal. Did you ever think you could build a useful off road trailer from an old truck bed?

Austintaco over at Expedition Portal was able to do just that. Taking a basic Toyota truck bed from this. See the full story over on Expedition Portal. A new player in the overland trailer scene, Dinoot offers a unique take on DIY trailers. This allows you to build a basic, around town trailer or build a fully overland capable model.

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The lightweight of the trailer components make this a very interesting choice for smaller tow vehicles or those looking for maximum cargo capacity. This is a great example of a DIY trailer project. Simple, functional, and very tough! See the full build page here.

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Making an Off Road Trailer.

Rate this item 1 2 3 4 5 2 votes. Read more DIY Fiberglass 'military style' trailer. Rate this item 1 2 3 4 5 0 votes. Tagged under DIY. An interesting DIY build.The build saga of the Pioneer began in late as our plans for our first extended backcountry adventure in Utah's San Rafael Swell took shape.

The impetus for the trailer was the fact that since we drove Jeep Wranglers me a YJ and Tom a TJcargo space for trips longer than an overnight was pretty much non-existant.

diy overland trailer

Our plan for the San Rafael adventure was 10 days total with 6 days in the backcountry desert. We didn't anticipate more than 3 days without a resupply in a nearby town. We had split some of the necessary gear between us, but space was still at a premium for our trip. Another vehicle wasn't an option, so building an experimental off road capable trailer became the focus.

I wasn't looking forward to sleeping in the dirt and eating MREs for a week. I did that enough in the Army. I wanted a little comfort, at least. There was a lot of research the went into the design, and I had to get creative, because I didn't have thousands of dollars in cash to buy a proper off road trailer outright.

I did, however, have the capability to do a lot of fabrication, some time, and a lot of spare Jeep parts lying around. A month of evenings on the internet researching and many conversations with my friend, Derek from Midwest Off Road and Trailers, I had a plan. The trailer was going to be small and open topped.

The intent was to keep it simple, compact, and light weight as possible. It was to be a proof of concept experiment in using a trailer in technical terrain. The trailer needed to be able to traverse the same terrain as my Jeep with lockers, 33's, and a 4. I fit it into my budget by building it over the course of a couple months and accumulating some pricier components long before the build started.

Well, the experiment was a complete success, and I often commented after the trip how my experiment went "horribly right". I couldn't have pulled it off so well without the research and advice from friends. Here's what you need to know from my experience and the advice better men than me! By this point, which was about FebruaryI had a pretty good idea about how I was going to go about building the trailer project.

Since I didn't want to reinvent the wheel, and this was after all, an experiment- I found a base trailer that was easy to procure and met the criteria. I decided to use the Harbor Freight lbs. It was cheap to begin with, but my local store had it on sale for almost half off, so it was too good to pass up. This little guy is no longer sold by Harbor Freight. This wasn't my ideal, but the price was right. I wouldn't be using the suspension or wheels, and most of the other small bits.

After taking the kit home and inspecting the components more closely, I realized that the little sheet metal body and Chinese sheet metal frame were far from sufficient to hold up to the use I was planning. My budget was going to have to include some more steel.And the price was right. So I bought a trailer hitch, installed it in a dirty alleyway, and the following morning dragged the trailer all the way to Portland. We are also discussing the possibility of a raising platform to make better use of the annex.

Last Summer while camping on the Rubicon, we camped at the base of a small ledge near Buck Island Lake. Our tent was on the ground at the base of this ledge. All night, what I though could be potentially drunk drivers drove their rigs around the area.

The thought of one of them not seeing our tent, and attempting the ledge kept me up all night. Also, as trail-bound vegans, we tend to bring all our food with us, so the additional space is critical. Enter the off-road trailer industry. Off-road trailers are nothing new in places like South Africa and Australia, but in the US the fledgling industry is off to a running start. This market is literally exploding with new businesses building better and better dirt-capable trailers.

With entrants like ManleyBivouac Trailersand even the crazy expensive teardrops from Moby 1the spectrum of available options is incredibly wide.

The only limit is your wallet. I decided to forego the expensive shipping costs and also wanted to learn a thing or two. So I decided pretty early on to build my own.

Finding an original US Army M trailer is no small feat. These litter farms and scrap yards around the country, but many are in rough shape and require a lot of work — more than I can do. My initial build plans included the basics — bigger tires, stronger axle, a steel lid, Roof Top Tent RTT and a tailgate.

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My goal is to build a trailer that can be dragged behind the Jeep. I found a local trailer company that wanted to do the build. Teaming with Trail Dust TrailersI provided the requirements and they did the fabrication. A Jeep friend also donated the original Willys tailgate, however a guy in Bend was looking to rebuild his Willys Jeep after an accident, so we traded his Jeep scripted gate for the Willys.

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He even included the set of hinges. Trail Dust did a great job on the build. I have a few minor things which I found during paint, and will be returning the trailer to have them addressed. When selecting a RTT, my criteria was pretty precise. I wanted something durable, a company that was relatively local, and I really wanted skylights. Once the trailer came back after the phase 2 build, I made sure to do a test fitment of the Tepui on the new lid.

In the above image, you can see the results of phase 2 — new tongue, new lid and the rear bumper. To remove the rust from the virgin steel, I applied Rust Morta crazy expensive acid that stops the rust process and converts the oxide to a black oxide.

Welcome to Overland Trailer!

Once dried, I wiped the surfaces with a damp cloth and applied primer direct to the surface. I initially chose a bronze color for the tub and lid. I finally settled on a slate grey from Valspar. My goal for the paint was something that can easily be fixed at home after trail damage or welding on new components.

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Sunday will be the first trail ride for the trailer as we conquer Barlow Trail in the mud and snow. Stay tuned for photos!Camping is a good pastime activity that families should partake in at least once every season year. Taking your family out for camping has got lots of benefits and therefore most family people need to think about taking their families to camping grounds whenever they can.

Taking members of the whole family to a camping trip usually creates good memories that last long. Camping usually occurs in places well away from the hustle and bustle of cities where there is nature all around. This helps the family to have more time to connect deeply with each other. Another advantage of camping is that it helps both the parents and children to learn important life skills that will help them later in life. What better way then can you go camping than with a cool camper trailer?

Yes, you need a good camper trailer that will help make your camping sojourn as seamless as possible. While there are various ready-made camper trailers that are being sold in the markets, most them are usually expensive and may be beyond the reach of most families on a budget. The good news however, is that, you can still custom design your own DIY camper trailer.

To help you get an idea of how best you can design your very own camper trailer, we highlight for you some of the coolest DIY camper trailer ideas that will help you create a good camping trailer for your family below:. The first thing you will need to do is to create a list of the materials and items that you will be using to create your camper trailer from scratch up.

This way you will get a rough estimate of what each items and material that you will use will cost you. But even as you plan to construct everything all by yourself, you will need to have a high quality vehicle that will be used to tow the camper trailer. One advantage of creating your very own camper trailer all by yourself is that you have the choice to choose what amenities you will be putting in it. The second idea that you will have to take into account is the overall design of your camper trailer.

Once you have got all the list of the material that will be used in the construction, it makes sense to look through some of the camper trailers that are already in the market to get a rough idea about design. With all these, you will be ready to start your construction and know exactly what you will be putting up.

To get a good design you can do the design with a pencil on paper or use one of the CAD software packages that are now available.

Some of these are TurboCard or Sketchup. Once you have completed your design and have it on paper, you can then talk to friends who have experience making camper trailers and show it to them.

Your friends or family will help you by giving you some ideas that perhaps you did not know about. The specifications of these things will definitely affect the overall body design and chassis of your camper trailer. Even as you plan to construct a camper trailer yourself rather than buying an already made camper trailer having a budget and timeframe is good. Just as you go through the design process it best to research the costs of the prices of the basic components that will be used in the construction of the camper trailer.

This will greatly help you to refine your ideas and be able to come up with the best possible value for your money.Search titles only.

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diy overland trailer

What's new New posts Latest activity. Search forums. Members Current visitors. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Redeth's Overland Trailer Build. Thread starter Redeth Start date Sep 25, Redeth Adventurer. Hey guys. I made this profile a while back ago but i havent had time to post anything due to being in school for the past 2 years.

And now that i am finally finished and graduating as a Certified Surgical technologist and getting hired at UCLA hospital to work in the operating room i am finally going to have an income again.

So now i can finally kick start my first build thread here on ExpeditionPortral. Some of you guys May recognize my truck from YotaTech. For instance on the times i built my front and rear bumpers. One thing that i realized i started wanting a lot over this recent year is having the need to explore! Being stuck in a classroom setting with very little off-road trips during that time really made me want to get out more.

Off-road Adventure Expedition Trailer for Overlanding

But that short trip But for a guy that normally goes Rock Crawling with the 4runnner i found this to be so much fun and it made me want more.

After Many camping trips i have realized how much i hate setting up tents. Small tents like this one down below aren't too bad Air mattresses get too hot or lose their air half way through the night.

I just rather not deal with it. I didnt give up there. Here it is in the most recent trip for fathers day Pix from Before when the truck was still IFS and that suv tent in As you can see this tent creates a nice seal around the rear of the body This tent was awesome for the times i used it. Simple enough right? This tent is only good if you plan to stay in one location for a few days.

But its a huge pain in the butt when you gotta come and go like i had to.I love the outdoors. I go camping and exploring every chance I get. I also work as an archaeologist, which means I get to spend more nights in a tent than most people. I always wished I could just have everything packed and ready to go at a moment's notice.

When I saw my first "expedition trailer" in a magazine, I was blown away. Then I saw the price. Who has two thumbs and can't afford that? So I decided to build one myself. And by "I" and "myself," I mean my dad and I. He's a welder, which comes in handy, as you'll see. A few caveats: This is my first instructable.

I didn't even know about this awesome site until after the trailer was done. I don't have any in-progress photos, so I tried to recreate the process with Sketchup. I'm doing this instructable because so many people ask me how we built the trailer. So that's what I'm documenting here: how we did it.

That's not to say we did everything perfectly. In retrospect, we could have saved ourselves blood, sweat, tears, time, and money by doing things differently. Overall, it worked out beautifully and it's never failed me and I'm thrilled with it. There are many options, depending on your budget and tastes. If you decide to build your own expedition trailer, you should make it the way you want it.

We started with the primary platform.


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