Sym wolf parts

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Sym wolf parts

Forgetting about categorization, what has SYM really got here, and why should scooterists take notice? The Wolf has a lot to offer for both scooterists and small motorcycle fans alike. Sitting astride the Wolf, everything was within easy reach, even for someone as tall as I am. The mid-mounted foot controls were easy to reach and the pegs were still low enough to ride comfortably.

The biggest surprise was the clip-ons. Most bikes with clip-on or clubman handlebars stretch the rider out and lean him or her over pretty aggressively.

The bike is so small that those clip-ons are right where they ought to be. It looks the business too, with big, angular fins and a single, shiny pipe exiting the front of the engine. Although, given the size and visual age of the Wolf, I half expected it to be 2-stroke. There are nice chrome accents throughout, in a mix of steel and plastic. Overall, the components are substantial, even if some of them are a little plain. Yet, my first powered two-wheeler was a Vespa PE I bought in The Wolf took a little bit of choke to fire up and stay running on that cold, gray afternoon.

But within 90 seconds or so, the engine was content to run without any assistance. The busy two-lane road finally afforded me a break in traffic and it was on with the throttle, off with the clutch, and away I went.

Power-wise, it feels exactly like cc ought to feel. The single-cylinder thumper churns away without complaint all the way to red line. By the middle of second gear, the Wolf was carrying me along in the flow of traffic with no problem at all.

If I was a gear too high after a momentary slow down, the Wolf was more than happy to climb out of that power hole without shuddering. The gearing on this motorcycle is suited perfectly to its weight and power output.

Gear changes were easy and I never found myself stuck between gears or hunting for neutral. I spent most of my time zipping through town in either 2nd or 3rd gear, with more than enough acceleration to keep me properly in the flow of traffic. When not strolling forward, the Wolf stops very well.Cookies: This site uses cookies to track usage, so we can improve our marketing and design. To manage preferences please click Learn More, otherwise we will assume you're OK to continue.

Learn More. About your bike optional. Your contact information. Sym Allo Sym Cinderella Sym City Hopper Sym Crox Sym DD Sym DD 50 City Trek. Sym Fiddle 50 2T. Sym Fiddle II Sym Fiddle III Sym Jet 4 50cc. Sym Jet 4 R. Sym Jet Basix Sym Jet Euro X Sym Jet Evo Sym Jet Sport X Sym Jungle Sym Mask Sym Mio Sym Orbit II Sym Red Devil Sym RS Sym Shark Sym Super Fancy Sym Symphony Are world renowned for over 60 years for manufacturing quality vehicles with a proven track record in reliability.

No one does it Better or Longer We apply SYM brand to Developing International Two-Wheel Markets Taiwan ranks top 10 in the global two-wheel markets, which more the 13 millions of motorcycle have been registered inat the same time, Taiwan has full motor manufacturing chain. Currently, the production centers are located in Taiwan, China, and Vietnam. Also set up their subsidiaries in China, Italy, and Germany.

Having comprehensive developing technology in two wheelers industry, SANYANG produces multiple products in SYM brand - moped, scooter, bike and cub, selling to 90 countries all over the world with high praise.

sym wolf parts

Innovative Technologies Steadite alloy cylinder Oil distribution on steadite alloy cylinder wall is uniform. It can improve wear resistance50, km warrantygood air — tightnessand efficiently improve the performance 4-valve power engine 4- valve engine increase intake and exhaust flow port area to make whole combustion.

It allows more mixture gas into cylinder to generate more power and less noise than 2 valve engine. Ceramic Coating cylinder Ceramic Coating Cylinder applies special compound-electroplating process to disperse SiC ceramic particles uniformly on the cylinder wall.

sym wolf parts

Centrifugal Type Decompression Device CTDD This design would reduce the cylinder pressure during the compression stroke by leaking excessive gas at the beginning of engine starting. Therefore, the engine starting torque can be tremendously decreased. After ignition, to ensure the sufficient power, the decompression device is deactivated by the centrifugal mechanism design. In the application of large displacement and high compression ratio engine, CTDD can cope with the engine cranking difficulties and enhance the durability of engine starting system Role Model for Corporate Environmental Protection SANYANG has devoted to automobile and motor-cycle manufacturing along with its excellent corporate culture and principles, and provide the best products for consumers around the world.

In the meantime, we respect welfare of the public and the Earth, trying our best to protect the environment. Sincewe have implemented the Environmental Management System ISO to document, organizing and systematizing environmental management. Moreover, we adopt P-D-C-A cycles to enhance continuously the performance of our environmental management.

With regard to pollution prevention Comply with environmental protection standards and industrial safety law and regulations. In an effort to improve works of pollution prevention, we are equipped with various waste disposal facilities to process and dispose of sewage, air pollution, VOCS, etc.

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In order to fully carry out the reduction in waste recycling, we have set up resource recycling zones. It is inevitable to result in pollution during the manufacturing or the use of automobile and motorcycle products. And for the global market, SANYANG will launch electric moped and heavy motorcycles in coming years to accomplish the environmental protection.

This Scooter is packed full of market leading technology. Sym Jet 14 cc The Next Level. Sym Mask cc Practical, stylish, affordable Scooter one of the best sellers the year.

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sym wolf parts

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sym wolf parts

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SYM Wolf Classic 150

Filter 0. Clear All Apply. Garage Select a Saved Bike.Once upon a time, small-bore singles occupied a significant slot in the motorcycle market. Simple, approachable and easy to ride, they were an affordable way to decide if you really wanted to be a motorcyclist after all.

Back in the Sixties, every motorcycle manufacturer — even Harley-Davidson — had at least one small single in its model lineup. Honda was no exception, hardly surprising from the company often credited with bringing motorcycling to the U. It was a different era, slowly ushered out in the U. Bythe year Honda introduced the CBS overhead cam single to our market, the influence of small bikes on the U. Almost from the start, Honda pursued licensing agreements with other companies to build its bikes.

Honda may no longer build the CB, but SYM has continued cranking them out, first in cc guise and now as a actually And the Wolf is definitely hip-looking. The white paint on our test bike was lustrous, nicely set off by the contrasting red-painted frame and the seeming acres of chrome splashed on the Wolf. The mirrors, for example, are chrome plastic, as are the instrument housings and turn signals. Riders with memories of vintage singles will feel immediately at home on the Wolf Classic.

Its small size makes it easy to swing a leg over, and a low, inch seat height lets you plant both feet easily and firmly on the ground. An 80mph speedometer sits to the left, with a 14,rpm tach to the right. The ignition key is dead center on a nice little chromed strap bridging the speedo and tach, with a choke knob — yes, the Wolf is actually carbureted — poking up just behind the ignition switch. Pull the choke full up, turn the key one stop, check for neutral, thumb the starter button and the little Wolf fires to life almost immediately.

Given its likely lean jetting, we expected the Wolf to be somewhat cold blooded, but we found it needed very little warm-up before we could shut off the choke and let it settle into a smooth idle. Restarts from warm were always sans choke, and when ambient temps were above 70 F our bike started easily without the choke.

Electronic ignition surely helps. The transmission on our bike was faultless, snicking into first with only a gentle push of the shift lever and shifting through its other four gears with equal ease. Pulling away from a stop is drama-free, requiring little more than a short twist of the throttle to bring the engine up to speed and a feathered release of the clutch to get rolling.

Work it hard and you get a little more oomph, but it feels happiest with a gentle push rather than a full twist of the wrist. A ceramic-coated cylinder! A short, And when it comes time to slow down, a 2-piston front caliper paired with a 9. This is a real motorcycle, with all the attributes of a real motorcycle, just in three-quarter scale. We think its small size and low power are its greatest assets, making the Wolf a bike anyone can ride with ease.We usually think of the Sanyang Motor Co.

Does it look like the old Hondas?

Wolf 150 4T A/C

It should. SYM made the Honda s for a few decades back so they are well acquainted with the style. With a low, low price tag, the Wolf Classic feels like a disposable bike with its sticker-badging complete with air bubbles trapped in the adhesive, but in a saving grace, the fenders are metal instead of plastic, so kudos for that. This is low-tech with a no-nonsense approach, so easy-to-read analog dials are adequate and fit with the retro styling.

Seat height is a respectable 30 inches, low enough for all but the shortest of riders to flatfoot at a stop.

Built to emulate the looks of the original standard UJM models, the Wolf runs on a steel, single-downtube, stressed-engine frame that keeps the bones simple, light and clean. Telescopic hydraulic, right-way-up forks support the front end, and the forks come with gaiters that not only protect the swept area of the fork tubes and the seals in the sliders, but also add to the classic charm of this little bike.

The traditional layout continues in back with a yoke-style swingarm and chromed, coil-over shocks with dual-rate springs and preload adjusters. Clip-on bars make the connection between rider and fork, and leave the tripletree clean without risers and clamp cluttering up the works. SYM threw on a twin-piston-and-anvil caliper to pinch the mm front brake disc, and rear-wheel braking duties fall to the mm diameter, mechanical rear-drum brake. Normally I would cringe at that, but this is a rather light machine at only pounds, and the drum does bolster the dated look SYM was going for here, so the Wolf gets a pass.

A Air cooling precludes the need for a radiator, and keeps the engine as simple and light as possible while preserving the cleanliness of the look.

An over-head cam actuates the valves, eliminating the mechanical losses associated with pushrod valvetrains, and the little mill runs with a 9. While it does provide 85 mpg, the need for premium fuel will eat into the savings inherent with that kind of mileage somewhat. A good, old-fashioned carburetor controls aspiration, and keeps emissions within DOT, EPA and CARB standards, and its even clean enough to be certified for sale in California, which is more than many small engines can claim.

I know folks will gig it for not having fuel injection, but the carb is all part of the KISS keep is simple, stupid overall attitude. The plant generates 9. These numbers give the Wolf a top speed of around Low power also means low weight rating. SYM offers a month limited warranty. Once I got to that point, the old tried and true Rebel was my choice, so here we go.

In keeping with its American cruiser -esque styling, the Rebel carries the rider in a more relaxed position with a low seat height of Not that 30 inches is all that tall, but folks with shorter inseams may feel more secure perched atop the slammed-down Rebel saddle.Based off of the Honda CB from the 70's, the Wolf Classic is a true throwback motorcycle with modern technology and reliability. The motorcycle is perfect for both in town commutes and long-distance trips.

You'll notice powerful torque right off the line, and great acceleration throughout the power band. Coventional specifications can't represent how exceptionally well this bike is to ride. The chassis is light weight and handling is crisp and precise. With a seat height of The front disk mm is assisted by an effective rear drum brake mm.

Used together the brakes stop the motorcycle fast, with an extremely short braking distance and excellent control of any kind of road surface. Does not include parts that wear naturally over time and need replacing at maintenance intervals, such as: batteries, light bulbs, belts, chains, oils, chemicals, lubricants, tires, brake pads, cables. Warranty does not cover crash damage or failure of components from neglect of maintenance schedule.

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