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Volvo service forum

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Volvo XC90 Forum. Threads 82 Messages Hello from Somerset, UK. Mar 16, davidt Threads 32 Messages How many miles did your XC90 have when you bought it? Nov 15, Robert Lechner. Threads 69 Messages Volvo Tow for Life. Jun 11, kp Threads 98 Messages Mar 31, NS Hoghead.The official Volvo site can be found here. Free Advice Since RWD Ps. Louis city, MO - Posted am. V8 Feeler: V8 Volvo for sale?

The BrickBoard is a unique site custom built exclusively for folks who love their Volvos: great forums, spam free, anonymous posting, anonymous email to protect you from spam, and most of all great people.

Need help with your classic Volvo?

volvo service forum

Post a question to the RWD forum. Need help with your newer Volvo? Post a question to the AWD forum. You've obviously cracked more than one or two IACs open in your time and given them a fair bit of thought.

Your discussion gives me a rare opportunity to add my own thoughts developed after cracking open a couple of IACs many years ago. I posted them here many, many years ago buried in a reply that didn't make it into the archives. Some may dispute my conjectures here, but I hope you find them interesting nonetheless. So these are a couple of tricks I've used to temp Most likely reason for fuse 5 to blow in an M47 car is the insulation has fallen off of the wiring to the backup light switch.

Check the wiring underneath, and maybe disconnect the blue wires from the back of the fuse panel at the fuse 5 terminal to see which one kicks the fuse and leave it disconnected. Then be sure your turn signals still work and maybe you can wait for better weather to replace the wiring to the backup light switch.

Sorry, this is a lousy job. The rear calipers, rotors and pads are about the only things that didn't change. Here's the story as best I can determine and recall. There, your backing plates, calipers, and hubs are different, but no differences are listed for the rear wheel brakes.

Still, too much air passing the throttle would indeed cause the idle to be high, whether past the plate or bypassed through the idle valve.Welcome Guest Log In Register. Similar Topics. Hello, we have answers for your Volvo-related questions!.

Why not take a few moments to ask a question, help provide a solution or just engage in a conversation with another member in any one of our forums.

Jan Eliasson's, UN, message to the Volvo Group Sustainability Forum 2015

Together we can make our Volvo community a better place. Powered By IP. Board 2. View Member Profile. Dec 8AM. Post 1. What's typicalmiles service? I could not find any water pump replacement service during themiles service from the following site.

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Which pulley I need to replace usually between drive belt pulley or timing belt idler pulley? I have read a volvo water pump is strong and usually it last over k miles if coolant is changed regularly.

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Anyway, what's typical service formiles? Any helps? Dec 8PM. Post 2.

volvo service forum

The k service it the timing belt and oil change. The fuel filter should be every 30k as well as the spark plugs and coolant.Log in or Sign up. Find Trucking Jobs. Volvo Forum Post New Thread. Please help!! Thanks sdulkuApr 11, at PM. Replies: 2 Views: Replies: 18 Views: 3, Snailexpress Apr 10, at AM. High soot level Rekin07Apr 8, at AM. Replies: 6 Views: Rob Apr 10, at AM.

Replies: 53 Views: 54, Replies: 31 Views: 23, Brake problem with trailer attached. SnailexpressApr 6, at AM. Replies: 3 Views: Snailexpress Apr 8, at AM.

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Trailer lights acting very weird any help? RustyNailStepDeckMar 28, Replies: 7 Views: HoneyBadger67 Apr 6, at PM. Replies: 26 Views: 1, Replies: 4 Views: Gentlemanfarmer Apr 5, Steering hard spots.

volvo service forum

Barser82Feb 27, Death Hauler Apr 5, With Volvo Penta, you benefit from the reassurance of comprehensive and efficient service and support. This website uses cookies. By continuing, we assume that you accept such use. With Volvo Penta, you benefit from the reassurance of extensive, efficient service and support — all aimed at making your boating experience easy, safe and more fun.

You have the full backing of the extensive Volvo Penta dealer network — present in over markets worldwide — with global strength and local expertise that ensure the best care and service for your equipment.

You can also shop via our web shop or browse through the online parts catalog. Here you can search for operator manuals and other product related information for your Volvo Penta product. You can download a free digital version or purchase printed paper copies.

As a Volvo Penta owner, you have access to our phone-based breakdown and support service 24 hours a day, every day of the year — wherever you are. Your dealer can tailor service and support to your specific needs.

Your safety is our number one priority.

And since all work is carried out by certified technicians, who know your engine and use only reliable Genuine Volvo Penta Parts — you can count on a safe, easy and pleasant boating experience. Knowing how to operate and take care of your equipment is an essential part of creating the very best conditions for a perfect day at sea. Here you can find operator manuals and other product related information as well as helpful tips on how to get the most out of your Volvo Penta product.

And whether you have a powerboat or sailboat, there is always a genuine Volvo Penta propeller designed entirely for your driveline and your driving pleasure.

Our cookie policy This website uses cookies. Our cookie policy Ok yes Ok. For owners. Support for a Better Boating Experience. Volvo Penta Action Service As a Volvo Penta owner, you have access to our phone-based breakdown and support service 24 hours a day, every day of the year — wherever you are.

Volvo Penta Action Service.Are volvo parts very ex? Please advise. May be more expensive, but you get a peace of mind with the right people and right parts servicing your car. I owned 6 cars in the past. All bought new. The 4 AD service cars had no issue all the way until I sold it. The 2 that went outside workshop keep having problems till I sold it.

Volvo Free Repair And Service Manuals

One of them had a brake failure while I was on ecp and I have to find ways to slow it down. But I am not taking a chance with my life and my passenger life. Remember that once inside a vehicle, you and your family life will depend on it already. If there is something wrong, there is no escape That is a very good point you made.

Our cars are dangerous weapons in a way, and hence the need to ensure they remain safe in our hands. My wife has had a the V70 - old model for almost 5 years and then the new model for over 3 years.

volvo service forum

Warranty for 3 years is good and Volvo Singapore reminds you of the run out date so that you get a last service and they do try to replace anything they should before the run out date in my experience. I think Volvo parts are not as expensive as BMW or Audi, but they are not cheap and so far, in my experience, they know what they are doing and will ensure problems are resolved satisfactorily.

Fortunately I have never had any with my Volvos!

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Its a 5yr old S80 2. So the ECU adjustments and resetting can't be done if you choose to go elsewhere. If you can live with this, then go for it. Is it good and reliable? I bought a 5 yr old XC90 in July with k km. Now it's time to do the k servicing I have been asking around and here are the answers I got in my research.

I am not planning on skipping on the timing belt change and I don't recommend anyone skip this - "cheap insurance" as they call it. However they take 2 full days and don't work on weekends so you will need to take leave to go shopping or play golf when your car is being serviced not a bad option if you ask me Some of the Volvo owners who mod their cars go to Griffin Auto in Sin Ming Dr, which is a place I've heard is reliable but didn't call about the servicing as I've decided to do it at SM for peace of mind and accountability cannot drive up to KL everyday to make noise if anything goes wrong.

Anshng, I think there are lemons for all cars and you take a risk anytime you buy used like I did. There are also many XC90s running around on the road presumably problem free.

I have a friend who switched from VW to Volvo and swears that Volvo servicing despite bring notoriously high, is still more reasonable than VW. Thought there may be alot more truth to my friend's claim after that. There's no other car I'd rather be in on the N-S highway when everything is left to chance if something should go wrong.

I figure my chances are much increased inside a Volvo. Thanks for your info. I am still looking and wanted to buy from a direct owner instead as i have heard a lot of stories about dealer. I am not sure what is below market price as this is the first time i am getting a used car.Write in English if you don't have knowledge of Romanian.

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Registration is not required but rules do apply! Probleme ce se vor a fi rezolvate: Problema legata de conturi inregistrare, autentificare, schimbare parola Problema cu spam-ul. Limuzina de top de la Volvo! Nu asta conteaza! Senzatii intr-un coupe Alte modele Neincadrate la categoriile de mai sus. Diverse Noutati, concepte, sisteme noi de siguranta, etc.

Istorie, filosofie, motive. Trecut, prezent si viitor. Intrebari generale Nu stiti unde sa postati o intrebare? Aici este locul cel mai potrivit! Spune-ne si noua! Service-uri recomandate Ati fost la un service anume si sunteti foarte ne multumiti?

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Spuneti-ne si noua! Generalitati Proceduri si solutii aplicabile la toate modelele. Calendarul intrunirilor Volvo-Club Cand si unde ne intalnim sau ne-am intalnit si ce bine ne-am simtit.

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Cum rezolv?! English Forum Write in English if you don't have knowledge of Romanian.

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Aici e locul unde o poti face! Piese Auto Ai piese Volvo de vanzare? Sau cauti ceva anume? Diverse Aici cauti sau vinzi produse ce nu sunt piese auto. Magazine de piese Volvo Stii un magazin sau o sursa de componente bune si ieftine? Sign In Sign Up.


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